<p> A-B-Z-LTR is a new fall 2017 Bachelor adventure offered at UQAM’s École de design in the city of Montréal, Québec. </p>

<p> Led by designer and guest professor Michèle Champagne, with author Daniel Canty, and co-presented by Artexte, A-B-Z-LTR plays with letters as tools for inviting dialogue about design and technology. </p>

<p> A-B-Z-LTR students correspond within The Collection, a fictional literary terrain in The Stack dominated by Alphabook, a merger between Alphabet and Facebook. </p>

<p> On December 11th, The Collection launches a public salon given in French. Students will read their opinion letters out loud and lettered luminaries will join the intellectual ping pong. </p>

<p> Public salon in French. December 11th, 2017, 6–9pm. Free entry. Free coffee. École de design, Espace diffusion, 3rd floor. </p>

<p> Thank you to our amazing lettered luminaries. </p>

> Anouk Pennel

Graphic designer and co-founder of Studio Feed and Feedtype in Montréal. Anouk recently drew big letters for big sheets of paper.

> Daniel Canty

A-B-Z-LTR co-conspirator. Operates as Dan Can 3000. Daniel is an author, director, and scriptwriter formerly known as a ‘New Media Artist’.

> Jean-François Vallée

Man of letters in a post-literary world. Jean-François has written about Renaissance literature, dialogue, epistolary communication, the history of the book, text in old and new media.

> Jessica Hébert

Jessica is a librarian at Artexte who engages in acts of creation as well as contemplation around art documentation, and what is saved and what is lost in the collection.

> Michèle Champagne

A-B-Z co-founder. Operates as Michhham. Michèle is a designer and resident at École de design at UQAM. She once plotted Rob Ford on an e-cover for Penguin Random House Canada.

> Réjean François Côté

Réjean is a mail artist, collagist and proud member of The Eternal Network. Author of the assembly zine Circulaire 132.

<p> Thank you to our amazing partners. </p>

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